Classroom App

A web based app for teachers used in classroom
For administrator to observe status of all classrooms 


Esikidz Classroom App is a web based app for teachers which can be used in classroom only.  It helps teachers to get real-time check-in and check out records of the kids in their classroom. With it, teachers could go paperless, electronic their documentation of classroom activities. It connects with parent portal, provides timely photos and activities updates to parents, communicates with parents via a messaging module. Teacher could receive reminders and notices from administrators, administrator will have the check-in/out record of teachers for the time sheet purpose.


Parents sign-in/out for their child(ren)
Children's daily activities report to parents in real time
Create child(ren)'s periodically report to parents
Teacher sign-in/out for Children during COVID-19 
Immediate photos/videos sharing to parents
Teacher sign-in/out recording system for time sheet purpose
Receive reminders and notices from administrators.
Messaging communication with parents


Check in & out

Daily Check-in/Check-out process on a tablet
E - Signature
Parents could write Daily notes and message/comments


Reminders & Classroom Logs

The manager sends reminders to classrooms, teachers in classrooms will get reminders.
Teachers put necessary logs during the day, the manager will be able to have the overlook for all classrooms' logs


Classroom Management

Teacher to modify children's data
Teacher to correct the check-in/out errors
Send message and event notice to parents
Share children photos and activities records to parents


Photo Gallery

Teachers can updates photos whenever they are in the classroom or at home. It is easy for teachers to select and download photos for school events or activities. Photo Gallery also connects parent portal to share kids' photos in classrooms to their parents.


(either in a Covid friendly in-house or digital meeting)


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