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Why esiKidz?

  • Compliant to Provincial Policies

  • Supports $10-a-day Program

  • Paperless Online Inquiry & Enrollment

  • Comprehensive Admin Management

  • Smart Tuition Fee & Invoicing

  • Childcare Operating Fund & Child Subsidy Management

  • Staff Scheduling and Payroll

  • Dynamic Child Attendance System

  • Multiple Payment Collection Models

  • Enhanced Classroom Management

  • Effective Parents Engagement

  • AI Powered Teacher Assistant

  • Accurate Reports for Accounting and Data Analysis

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The software has saved us valuable time in managing tuition records, reducing weeks of work to a few hours. Parents appreciate the timely payment updates, and our processes are more streamlined and efficient.

teacher TestimonialsLisa (Owner), Montessori School

The software’s compatibility with devices, such as laptops and smartphones, ensures easy access and editing. The AI-powered writing assistant simplifies professional report sending to parents, improving workflow efficiency.

teacher TestimonialsShelly (Teacher), Montessori School

The time saved using this tool is remarkable. From registration to tuition management, everything is streamlined. Esikidz’s HQ model simplifies overseeing multiple locations. Tasks like data collection, enrollment adjustments, and tuition collection are seamless. This centralized approach organizes operations and simplifies administration. Esikidz benefits admins, teachers, and parents. Its user-friendly interface enhances teacher-parent communication. Parents manage payments conveniently, and teachers access student info and attendance easily.

teacher TestimonialsEmily (Manager), Childcare Centre

The administrative system is now integral to our daily operations, enhancing efficiency in monitoring children, teachers, tuition, and classroom data. Tuition statistics and waiting list features are particularly valuable, offering quick access to vital information.

teacher TestimonialsKathy (Manager), Montessori Daycare

Esikidz has become invaluable for our franchise business management. It streamlines HQ-level tasks and offers comprehensive accounting reports, saving time in creating monthly reports. At the center level, it resolves issues our previous software couldn’t. We have organized records of tuition and payments, integrated with our accounting system. The app improves parent communication and enforces Covid-19 protocols. Our center manager sees as a powerful tool for efficient daily management.

teacher TestimonialsAndrea (Manager), Multi Daycare Centre

The software’s improved communication, attendance management, and photo sharing during the pandemic have been highly beneficial. Sign-in and sign-out functions are excellent.

teacher TestimonialsOlivia (Teacher), Daycare Centre