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Childcare Centre

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Online Children Admission

❐ Inquiry, Wait-list and Enrollment

❐ Smart Child Scheduler

❐ Pick Up & Drop Off List

❐ Child Health Report & Legal Documentation

❐ Supports Multi-Child Family

❐ Supports Internal Classroom & Centre Transfer

❐ Children Activity Planner & Reporting

❐ Active Parent Communication

Smart Tuition and Invoicing
Tuition Records┃Multi Payment Modes┃Subsidy & Grants

❐ Child monthly Invoicing & Tuition Fee Records
❐ eTransfer, Credit / Debit Card, and Auto PAD / PAC
❐ Tuition Fee Auto-Reconciliation
❐ Auto Records Child Subsidy
❐ Detailed Payment Transaction Reports
❐ Miscellaneous Fees Addition & Reduction
❐ Child Subsidy
❐ Childcare Provincial Grants
β–ͺ British Columbia-CCOF, CCFRI…. β–ͺ Alberta-Affordability Grants
β–ͺ Saskatchewan-Parent Fee Reduction Grants
β–ͺ Manitoba-Operating Grants β–ͺ Nova Scotia – QI Grants
β–ͺ Ontario-Canada-Wide Early Learning & Child Care

Multi-Site Child Care Centre
Manage Multiple Locations | Centralized Operations | Reports | Users & Roles | Operational Models & Policies

Headquarter Management

❐ All Centre(s) Tuition Overview
❐ Real time Child to Teacher Ratio and Attendance Overview
❐ Detailed Transaction Reports
❐ Accounting Purpose Reports
❐ Monthly Child Subsidy Reports
❐ Supports Child Centre Location Movement
❐ User & Role Management
❐ Supports $10-a-Day Program and Other Operational Model
❐ Compliant to Provincial Policies & Regulations
❐ Upload / Validate Mandatory Forms & Documentation

Classroom Management

Smart Attendance┃

❐ Dynamic Attendance System
❐ Teacher Reminder Board
❐ Parent Messaging & Report Writing
❐ Activity Planning and Scheduling
❐ Daily Activity Reporting
❐ Photo Sharing
❐ Classroom Notes

Camp and Activities

❐ Create and Manage Out of School / After School Activities
❐ Manage Child Wait List & Enrollment
❐ Dynamic Attendance System

AI Teacher Assistant

Report Writing┃Parent Messaging ┃Photo Sharing ┃
Daily Activity ┃Activity Scheduler

❐ Vocabulary Improvisation
❐ Phrase Enhancement
❐ Professional Writing

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